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Name Change Announcement!

[Edited on 3/31/23-KW]

In our flurry of excitement to rename the new Center for Anti-Racism in Nursing and in our eagerness to honor the names of two Black nurses, it seems we underestimated the significance in using both of Dr. Price Spratlen’s surnames in the Center’s name.  We realize Thaddeus Spratlen (Dr. Price Spratlen’s husband) is recognized for his contributions to UW under the Spratlen name, and we agree it is important to allow for each individual to be honored for their unique contributions.  We in no way meant to diminish the legacy of Dr. Price Spratlen, and we look forward to honoring both nurses under the new name: 

The University of Washington Manning Price Spratlen Center for Anti-Racism & Equity in Nursing (MPSCARE in Nursing)

Please feel free to reach out for any questions regarding our naming process []


We are thrilled to announce the new name for the University of Washington School of Nursing’s Anti-Racism Center:

The University of Washington Manning Spratlen Center for Anti-Racism & Equity in Nursing (MS-CARE in Nursing)

See below for details and rationale:

The name-change process included 2 parts: 

Firstly, with the help of our advisory committee, as well as our strategic communications consultant, we generated a list of 4 potential names that we felt truly embodied the values of  the Center. We asked the SoN community to vote for their preference. We received multiple suggestions from the SoN community as well which were taken into consideration.  

Second, after reviewing the results, considering the suggestions from our SoN community, and discussing with our advisory committee, we decided that integrating Ms. Manning’s and Dr. Price Spratlen’s names together would be the best way to reflect the values and mission of the Center in the name. As such, we are pleased to announce the new name for the Center: 

The University of Washington Manning Spratlen Center for Anti-Racism & Equity in Nursing (MS-CARE in Nursing)

Wondering why we decided to change the name? Continue reading to learn more about our process:
To further align with the Center’s mission to dismantle structural racism in nursing, we have decided to rename the Center for Anti-Racism in Nursing (CARiN). Why a change? Because a “Karen” has become cultural shorthand for a white woman who uses her race and privilege to oppress and malign people of color. Using the Center’s acronym can be triggering and can relay values that are not in alignment with our mission.
To ensure the renaming is an inclusive process, (and in line with the listening session participants feedback that the Center should be community-led in its processes), we invite the School of Nursing community to vote for their preferred new name for the Center.
All of the suggested names were created by Strategic Communications consultant Nicole Moore, who is contracted by the Center for her expertise in marketing and branding. The Center’s advisory council, made up of members from all three campuses at UW as well as external individuals, have cast their votes. The names listed below represent the Top Four selections.
See below for the strategic reasoning behind each recommendation:
  • Center for Anti-Racism & Equity In Nursing (CARE In Nursing): Adding “Equity” to the name of the Center further defines the mission of this institution placing it firmly within a social justice framework. Equity means meeting people, especially those disproportionately impacted by institutional discrimination, exactly where they are and providing resources to them that are proportionate to what they need in order to thrive. Without equity, anti-racism cannot be promoted.
  • Center for Anti-Racism & Social Justice in Nursing (CARSJIN): Instead of “equity” this name centers “social justice.” Social Justice is more of an action word and connotes a “fight” for equity and fairness.
Less than 10% of all buildings on college/ university campuses are named after women and only a small percentage of those buildings are named after Black women. With that in mind, the names of two Black women, both notably ground breaking nurses, were nominated for The Center’s renaming and they are as follows:
  • The Frankie Manning Center for Anti-Racism in Nursing: Frankie Manning served on UW School of Nursing’s faculty search committees to broaden diversity recruitment, and ensure that interviewing and evaluation processes reflected principles related to diversity, equity and inclusion. Her promotion and advocacy for diversity in nursing is reflective of the mission of The Center.
  • The Lois Price Spratlen Center for Anti-Racism in NursingLois Price Spratlen has contributed much to the nursing field, most notably her documentation of the experiences and lives of Black women nurses in Seattle. Her research, writing, and advocacy addressed the needs of Black professional nurses and other nurses of color.