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“There is much work to do to become antiracist, not just as a society, but as a school, a university, a profession and a community. As the cornerstone for healthcare and advocates for the communities they serve, nurses are in the ideal position to do this work. The need to end racism is long overdue and nurses must do their part.”  –Executive Dean Azita Emami

Systemic racism has for generations undermined the health of individuals and communities across America, and clearly is a public health crisis.

Recognizing that nurses play a central role in and hold major responsibility for the health of individuals and communities hit hard by historic racial inequity, the University of Washington School of Nursing has established the Center for Antiracism in Nursing. To shape the center and determine its priorities, listening sessions were held in Fall and Winter of 2021-2022 to hear the interests of faculty, staff, students, alumni, nurse leaders, healthcare institutions, community organizations and professional associations. 


The Manning-Spratlen Center of Anti-Racism & Equity in Nursing aims to: 

  • Strengthen the School of Nursing’s long-standing commitment to DEI, with re-emphasized with focus on prioritization on antiracism.
  • Build on the School of Nursing’s DEI strategic action plan, of which initiatives have positioned the school to lead in promoting antiracism.
  • Serve as a space and platform for thought leaders and disruptors
  • Energize bold, daring ideas and actions
  • Co-create, Share, Support and assess anti-racism strategies
  • Engage internal and external community stakeholder
  • Become a nationally recognized hub, guided by antiracism as core principle, to: 

–Support and convene expertise to transform nursing education, practice, and research

–Influence health & public policy

Among the areas the center will explore are:

  • Cultivating antiracist teaching practices, academic curriculum and professional development
  • Promoting community-driven and partnered research
  • Supporting students from underrepresented and historically excluded groups
  • Applying antiracist principles to clinical practice, organizational operations and health-related policy

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If you have questions or want more information about the Manning-Spratlen Center of Anti-Racism & Equity in Nursing please e-mail

Creation of the center reflects goals of the school’s broader diversity, equity and inclusion strategic action plan, launched in 2016, that lays out a framework to advance and imbue diversity, equity, and inclusion within learning, research, and practice settings.